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Goodbye Montana…….

Well I guess the time has come for me to say ‘Goodbye Montana’. It seems strange to think of my time serving as a missionary has now come to an end. I am at a loss of words. A flood of memories comes rushing into my head when I think back on my mission. 2 years is a long time; areas, companions, investigators, families, and friends. Each one has different stories and memories. I remember when I first arrived at the MTC (Missionary Training Center) in Provo, Utah. I can still remember saying goodbye to my family as I embarked on an adventure of a life time. I remember the sleepless nights and tender prayers I had kneeling in my top bunk there. I can still recall my first day in the mission field in Riverton, WY with Elder Fry, my trainer. I was asked to use the priesthood and administer a blessing of comfort for the first time. I will always remember my time serving among the wonderful people of Native America in Wolf Point, Mt. The stress I felt when training Elder Johansson for the first time. I look back at Luarel, Mt and laugh reflecting how I literally looked back at Elder Neilson through the rear window as he pushed our car through the deep snow covered streets.  I never will forget the beauty of Eureka, Mt, and the patience a love I learned there. Up-town of Butte, America will remain like a photograph on my mind. The people here are one of a kind, and I love them because of it.

Yes, on my mission for the lord I have learned more then words can describe. I have learned how to love. I have learned how to have patience. I have learned how to work. This mission has without a doubt, been the best two years for my life. I feel I have grown up and matured. I have seen countless blessings, miracles, and prayers answered on my mission. But maybe, perhaps, the most important thing I will remember, is the people whom I have served. The people whom I have prayed and fasted for. The people whom I have loved. The people who have blessed my life and taught me so much. The people whom I have played but a small role in them accepting the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. There is such a unique joy felt when you, or someone you help, comes unto Christ. And I have seen and felt that. I of course cannot forget  the people I served with, companions, church members, and friends. Each one of my Companions have taught me something. My Mission President, President Garner, will always be a pillar of an example to me in my life.

I wish I had time to share the many stories of the various people and places I have met and been in, but obviously that would take way to long. Have you ever seen the little stickers of “Get Lost in Montana”? Well looking back over the past two years it seems I have done just that. I have gotten lost. I have indeed gotten lost in Montana and Wyoming. I have gotten lost in the Lord. I don’t really want to leave home to go home, but I know it is time. I am excited to be back in Arizona and the things that await me there. But I will be forever thankful for my time spent serving the Lord in the best areas in the world! Goodbye, Montana…….



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Lets Go Son, it’s Time to Get to Work!

Not sure what this is about.....My dad probably seeking revenge on some pesky gofer

So it is Father’s Day already! Wow. Seems like it was just Mother’s Day! Well when I started to think about my father, and how I might dedicate a blog to him, my mind ran blank. I don’t even know if my dad knows what a blog is. One might say that my dad is not the most technologically friendly guy. He usually just spats off math problems in his head while I reach for my cell phone with its convenient calculator. But when I really started to give it some thought, I tried to think of one word that could best describe my dad; and the answer came quick and clear. “Work“.

My dad and brothers up to something

Allow me to explain. I grew up on a farm in south-east Gilbert, Arizona (which was at one point Chandler, or some other city). My dad grew up on a farm in Mesa, Arizona. And, if I’m not mistaken, his dad grew up on a farm as well. On a farm, work is a key ingredient. I’m sure that there are a lot of other professions out there that work hard as well, but in my book, farming takes the cake.

I remember growing up working. Now I wont lie to anyone, I did not enjoy spending my summer (the few precious months of no school and home work) waking up at 4:30AM to go bail hay in the early morning. Sometimes, I didn’t even enjoy going out in the middle of the afternoon in 120 degree weather to go spray weeds. Occasionally, I didn’t like staying up all night irrigating and getting bit by mosquitoes. But my dad always had us kids do these things. Himself, of course, always setting the best example. I would bet my dad against any one on a work contest. Sure, he might be getting old and rickety….. but I would still put my money on him. He is also great at getting the job done right. I don’t think I could count on both hands the amount of times he has had me and my brothers re-do a job because it wasn’t done right. Take pride in your work. Spending hours spraying weeds paid off; our farm was always much cleaner than other farms, though my mom may disagree :). 
Looking back I sure am happy that my dad was a slave driver(he wasn’t really though)! I wouldn’t trade my experience growing up on a farm for anything! I learned so many skills and attributes there. Even though I did complain (I’m sure a lot more than I should’ve), I am eternally grateful for that experience now. My dad has taught me the principle of work better than anyone I know. Even though I still have some room to grow. When I think of a hard worker I will always think of my dad. So with that, Happy Father’s Day Dad! 😉  


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