The Dark Night: Joker and Satan


So what in the world does Batman, The Dark Night, have to do with the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Well the other day we went over to someone’s house to visit with them and they had the TV on. Well what do you know it is the none other then the Dark Night playing! It just happens to be one of mine, and Elder Butler’s,  favorite movies. It was most difficult not to watch to say the least. The part we caught was the one of Joker being interviewed by Commissioner Gordon and then Batman. This leads to Joker telling batman the two addresses of where Harvey Dent and Rachel Dawes were located. It got me, and my Companion, thinking…….Why did Joker do what he did? What made the Joker tick? What motivated this psychopathic, diabolical, and deranged criminal?? Elder Butler threw out that it was because he lacked the Gospel of Jesus Christ in his life. The man we were visiting with said that it could be that he was just plum crazy. Yes, I would agree with both, but it could be something more. I think (now this is just me) that the Joker is a type (or in similitude of) of the adversary of happiness; none other then Satan himself.

Allow me to explain. But, you’ll also have to bear with me because it has been over a year and a half since I have seen the movie. I would like to call on just a few examples of Joker and his role in the movie to demonstrate my idea. When Joker first comes into the picture he is robbing a bank (the very bank that the mob uses to launder all of their illegally earned money) and steals lots and lots of money. Oh well it is the money that motivates him then, he just wants to be rich? Well not quite. We see later him burning who knows how much cash to demonstrate that money is not what it is about.

We see him time after time set up social and mind experiments. Did the joker really want Coleman Reese dead? Did Coleman Reese play that big of a role in his plan? No, he just wanted to cause chaos and anarchy. To prove that people are evil inside to see, or test, if they were willing to kill an innocent person. It was Coleman or the Hospital after all.

Later, when the City of Gotham is being evacuated there are two large ferry’s evacuating the city. One is full of citizens, the other full of prisoners from the local prison. Joker has rigged the two boats with explosives. The catch: each boat has the detonator switch to the other boat on their own boat. They have a certain amount of time before both boats blow up (or so they are told). The catch is, they can push the button and blow the other boat up, full of the other group of people in order to save themselves. A heinous social experience. Did joker really just want to blow people up? Perhaps. But I contest that it was more then that. He wanted to see how these people would react, to watch them kill each other in a state of frenzy and anarchy.

Did Joker really just want Harvey Dent to live and become a Grumpy-Guss? No, He risked his (The Joker) own life to persuade Harvey to become the acclaimed “Two-Face”. This was a victory for Joker. He had turned the one bright future, the one person who believed in Gotham, into a corrupt and malicious person like himself. Of course the rest of the world never found out about it; Batman took the fall for the murder of Harvey Dent.

So how is Satan like the Joker? Does Satan want money? Of course not, he in no way needs money. But he knows that the greed of money can tear families and individuals apart. Does Satan really care if a certain person is killed or even a boat load of people massacred? Not necessarily, He knows physical death is but temporary. But he wants to see anarchy, despair, fear, and chaos result. Does Satan want to see amazing examples of men and women fall? Yes. Because when those certain individuals fall so do many other people. They set the example for generations to follow. Overall, the theme of the joker, what drives him, is the same thing that drive Satan. A Book of Mormon Prophet puts it best with these simple words: “for [Satan] seeketh that all men might be hmiserable like unto himself” (2 Nephi 2:27).


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