Happy Mother’s Day!!

    It’s mothers day already?!?! Wow! Seems like the last year has flown by. I remember last mothers day and how great that was. Last Mother’s day though I did not have the opportunity to blog about my wonderful mother. As a missionary Mother’s Day is especially special; on Mother’s Day we get to call home to our moms and to our families. Wait what?? You only get to talk to your mom once a year? We also get to call at Christmas, so twice a year. But we also get to email them once a week and write letters as well. That is why Mother’s Day is so special. This mother’s Day, since we (as missionaries) now have the opportunity to have blogs and FaceBooks, show my appreciation for my mom publicly and for the whole world to see (Which is good because I forgot to send a card).

Now I know that just about every son says this but for me I think it is the truth. MY MOM IS THE BEST MOM EVER!! It is true. Everyone else might have great moms, but not as good as mine. She’s got it all. She can cook/bake (oh how I miss her chocolate chip cookies!), she can listen, She can sew (I should’ve learned that one), she can correct (yep, we got the wooden spoon), she can advise, oh and did I mention she can cook/bake. She is loving, honest, caring, and kind. People love her, kids love her. She is always willing to help someone out. She’s got it all!

  (My Dad, Me, and My Mom)

  I know that I would not be who I am today without the love and guidance from my mom. Now my family isn’t a ‘hugin and a kissin’ type one might say. But I always knew that my mom (and my dad) was always there for me. And that she still is! Now that is worth more than words. I don’t think I would be on a mission right now if it wasn’t for them. And if I wasn’t on a mission for my church, I would not be who I am this day.

So I just wanted to say thanks mom, for all you have done and for all you will do. I don’t think I really deserve it, But I am eternally  thankful! I love you mom!


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