Come Listen to a Prophet’s Voice!!

     When teaching a nine-year old girl a couple of weeks ago we were talking about prophets. We talked about Noah, and how he prophesied of the flood and saved his family, and the whole human race in reality. We taught about Moses and his faith and his courage in leading the Children of Israel out of bondage in Egypt. I then asked the question “wouldn’t it be cool if we had a Noah or a Moses on the earth right now? To let us know if a flood was coming? Or to lead us out from bondage?” Her eyes kind of lit up and she said “Wow. Ya!”

     Well as a representative of Jesus Christ and His church I am called (and even proud) to declare to everyone that we do have a prophet here on the earth at this time. That we have a modern-day Noah, a modern-day Moses, or Isaiah, or Adam on the earth at this very moment  I know! Think about it, If there was a flood coming would you want to know about it? I know I would!

      Two weekends ago, the 1st and 2nd of April, we got to hear from the modern-day prophet. Every six months there is a conference broadcasted around the world, we refer to it as General Conference. There the prophet, President Thomas S. Monson (pictured below), addressed the world along with other chosen servants of the Lord. It is two days packed full of uplifting, ennobling, and helpful counsel. Along with warnings and reminders. I love it. I love to hear those men and women and the love they have for all of us and how they always admonish us to be a little better, try a little harder, and give a little more. I especially love to listen to the prophet. I can simply testify that he truly is the mouthpiece of the Lord. I testify that the Lord lives, and the words that he wants us to know are spoken through the prophet on the earth at this time. Here is video and a link. Check them out for yourself; listen to the prophet, listen to your heart. What a wonderful thing it is to know that Christ’s Church has been restored to the earth and that a prophet is here on the earth to guide and help us!

Check it out:

Click Here to Learn More about Prophets


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