Why Are There Sooo Many Churches???

      So why is it that there are so many different churches?? And why do they all teach different things and interpret the same scripture so differently?? Have you ever noticed all of the different church buildings in your town? In some places it seems that there is a different church on every corner! After Christ had been resurrected, he gave His authority to His apostles to run and authorize the church. But eventually all of them were either rejected, banished, or martyred. False teachings and incorrect doctrine crept into the church. People and churches picked up pieces from the original church but they lacked the whole truth. Eventually a council of men at Nicaea formed to “Organize” the religion again. From then on there have been countless break-offs from the Catholic church. Different denominations, teachings, and doctrines. Eventually the churches started to multiply rapidly when different break-offs from different churches sprung up; thus today we have so many different churches. The bible teaches that there is “One Lord, one faith, one baptism” (Ephesians 4:5), so what’s the deal with all the differences in religion these days?? These are the exact questions that Joseph Smith asked himself in the early 1800’s. There was a great religious excitement at the turn of the century. Many churches, and many people, trying to find their way back to God. Joseph, just a young boy at the time was troubled, he did not know which of all these many churches he should join. One Pastor said one thing while another Pastor said something else. Have you ever felt the same way? Have you ever drove down the road and seen all the different denominations and faiths and ask yourself who is true? Just like Joseph, you too may feel confused, searching for the truth. Not all churches can be true for they all teach and believe different things. When Joseph smith recognized this he read in the book of James: “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraided not; and it shall be given him”(James 1:5). Joseph decided to do just that. To do as Jame’s directed, that is, ask of God. So he did. And what resulted changed the world forever.

      Joseph Smith received an answer. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appeared to him and told him that though there are many good people in these various groups and churches, they all lacked ALL the truth. They lacked the AUTHORITY to run Christ’s church; His ONE church. Joseph Smith was called to be the next prophet, to restore ALL of Christ’s church to the earth once again. He was not just given a few pieces of a puzzle but was given everything! That is how we have the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints today. The ONE church. Though there are many great churches that do great things, they lack ALL of the truth, and the priesthood authority to run Jesus Christ’s church. So ask yourself, why are there so many churches? Why are there so many different answers to the same question? Shouldn’t there be one answer that works for everybody?? I know that there is one answer that works for everyone; and that answer is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And i know that the fulness of that gospel was restored to the earth through Joseph Smith.


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