It’s Your Vote that Counts

I recently saw this quote on Facebook under someones status and it really stood out to me. “The Lord is voting for me, and Satan is voting against me, but it is MY vote that counts”. – Boyd K. Packer. Do we ever think of it like that? Agency is an eternal principle. Before we came to the earth to gain mortal bodies we still had the ability to choose. Why is it so important that we can choose and make choices for ourselves? How would you feel if you couldn’t? If we never got the opportunity to choose, to make mistakes and to make accomplishments, we would never grow. We would never learn. Now there are many people in the world voting for you and some voting against you(hopefully more for you), but when we boil it down it comes to two people. One who loves you so much and wants the best for you. One who wants you to be miserable like unto himself. Jesus Christ loves us so much, He loves you so much! He wants the best for each and everyone of us. Satan does not want the best for you, it might seem like it for an instance but in the end he does not want you to be happy.

So, right now the vote is tied, one for you……one against you. Who will win? What will be your reward? There is one more vote to break the tie, and that is the most important one; it is yours! Whoever you choose to follow will determine your eternal destination and your eternal payment (happiness or misery). So…….ask yourself, which way will my vote fall? 


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