We Believe in Christ, We Want Everyone to Come Unto Him

The other day my companion and I were visiting a member of the church. When we were visiting with him a friend came over. We started talking and she actually had some good questions for us. She wanted to know what we talked to people about, what we taught people. We told her briefly about some things we believe. We told her about the uniqueness of our message. However, whenever we started to teach or talk about things such as modern day prophets or the book of Mormon she would stop us. She felt that we did not teach or testify of Jesus Christ enough. When trying to help her understand we would always wind up back on the topic of the book of Mormon. Eventually the conversation came to a close with her telling us that we do not need other things because we have Jesus Christ. And that, to her, that was all that mattered and that is the only thing we should teach and talk about. Reflecting afterwards I found myself thinking, “Well maybe we don’t focus on Christ enough”. But soon the answer flowed into my mind. We do focus on Christ. We do belive in Christ. He is everything to us. He is central to our message. What we may have failed to explain is that we are so happy to tell people that we have more. We have another book completely filled with Christ’s teachings. We have a prophet on the earth at this time; this very moment! He teaches us what Jesus Christ wants us to hear. We have His priesthood that allows us to perform sacred ordinances in His name. We do not mean to talk about other things or draw attention away from Jesus Christ. In fact, we want the world to know that He lives. That he has restored his church to the earth once again. We want the world to know that the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored, and that there is so much more. Though we love the bible we offer even more revelations from Christ, Even more of His dealings with other people of the world. And we want everyone to know it and cherish it for themselves. That is why I am out here; to invite others to come unto Jesus Christ.


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